Food with a personal touch.


The way you dine is more than just a meal to Chef Robert.

There’s no room for compromise, so he’s made it his personal and professional mission to share delicious, healthy, fresh and local food with the world — starting right here with you.

From weekly meals and dinner parties to simply stocking your vacation fridge with the finest, freshest foods, Chef Robert is making it even easier to eat healthy without sacrificing a single bit of flavor. When you’re ready to take on the role of head chef in your home, his personal cooking classes will put you in direct control of your kitchen.

Let Chef Robert make your next meal the most memorable one yet.


Available SERVICES

DINNER PARTIES - You entertain. We’ll do the rest.

While you’re hosting, we’ll prepare the food for your guests, accommodating dinner parties of any size. We can even add additional servers or bar staff, alleviating the need for you to work or worry at your own party.

— Pricing available upon request. —


WEEKLY SHOPPING - A fully stocked fridge is waiting for you.

With our Weekly Shopping plan, we discuss what you would like stocked in your fridge, then we source the freshest, healthiest items available. Imagine showing up to your own house, weekend home or place in the Hamptons, and opening the fridge to see beautiful, fresh food waiting for you — not to mention avoiding the grocery store altogether, giving you more time to relax.

— $200 minimum charge for service. —


COOKING CLASSES - Learn to Cook like a Pro.

We offer individual or group cooking lessons that put the utensils directly in the palm of your hands, showing you how to prepare Chef Robert’s amazing, healthy meals for yourself, your family and friends. Enjoy the cooking experience and share it with the ones you love.

— Prices vary based on the number of people in your group. —



1. We schedule a personal, in-depth consultation.

Here, we’ll discuss your needs and how we can add delicious meals to your week while removing the burden of cooking.

2. Fill out our cuisine questionnaire.

 It’s a simple yet detailed process that gives us an overview of your preferences, so we get to know exactly what you like and how we can make it even better.

3. We plan the perfect menu.

Crated around your preferences and palate, we’ll provide a variety of options to choose from based on our consultation.

4. We source the best ingredients.

We’ll head out to select the freshest, local ingredients we can find, ensuring you get the highest quality, best-tasting food imaginable.

5. We set up a trial cook day.

If you love what we’ve prepared, you can have more of it more often by subscribing to our weekly service. We can prepare the meals at your house and share the cooking experience with you in person, or we can simply deliver it to your door (limited to only six spots).


Robert's Cooking Style

Chef Robert believes in sourcing fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, using local ingredients as often as he can. As a strong supporter of organic eating, Chef Robert seeks organic ingredients whenever possible; after all, natural foods are naturally better.

Whole foods and raw veggies are his go-to ingredients, avoiding processed foods for you just as he would himself. And when it comes to the sauces and dressings that accompany his meals, you can always be sure it’s made from scratch, as if Chef Robert would have it any other way.


Clients don’t just love Chef Robert’s food – They love him, too.

some recent testimonials from Chef's beloved clients.

His food is always consistently delicious and beautifully presented. He is able to create imaginative menus and dishes that incorporate our preferences and avoid our dislikes.
— Eric R.
For a three month period, Robert prepared three well-balanced meals each day. He created the menu, shopped, cooked and delivered to my home every other day.
— Michael G.
His meals were varied, beautifully presented and delicious. He was enjoyable to have in our house and was excellent with our young children.
— Robert L.
His food was delicious, healthy, freshly sourced and expertly prepared. He fielded all sorts of last minute requests and restrictions with no problem
— Darren S.


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